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Our books

Goncharuk K.V., Goncharuk E.A. Acupuncture Mechanism (on the example of intervertebral disc disease treatment), St.-P.: Sotis-med, 2009.
ISBN 978-5-85-503-035-8

   The book contains modern data about the formation of organs and tissues in embryogenesis which correspond to the main ideas of the traditional Chinese medicine connecting the Chinese symbolism with modern scientific phenomena. There are also the main components of the conservative approach to the treatment of lumbosacral intervertebral disc deseases according to the authors' methods.

From the introduction:
..."Dear students - participants of the course! From those who are sitting here today, 75 % will give up acupuncture in 1-2 years. The rest 25 % will practice it for the whole life". We were very surprised by these words. Now after 20 years I understand why the master of acupuncture said so - "Doctor will not practice the method of treatment if he does not understand how it works". I will fill this lacuna in the Russian and world literature in this book.

Yingqing Zhang ECIWO phenomenon, M.: Publising House "Profit Style", 2007
Under the editorship of Goncharuk K.V. and Goncharuk E.A.
Translation Voskoboinikov V.A.
ISBN 5-98857-042-9

   ECIWO theory is a new step in man's understanding of his own body and the whole world of organic nature. It has a great importance for the development of biology and medicine. ECIWO-diagnostics and treatment promoted and developed by the professor Yingqing Zhang (Shandong, PRC) is applied to treat more than 250 diseases with a high therapeutic outcome (>90%) when affecting certain point with the help of three authors' methods.
   The book contains the translations of the main articles, works, materials of international ECIWO congresses from English. In this work, considering the specifity of the material, we tried to be as close to the original Yingqing Zhang's text as possible, leaving space for the creative thought of a reader. The volume of presented materials fully corresponds to professor Yingqing Zhang's recommendations.

Reference Book on the drugs of Chinese medicine

ISBN 5-8463-0129-0
Editorial staff
Chief complier: Si Huai Zhu, professor
Deputies of the chief complier:
Karaulov Andrey Vyacheslavovich, chief doctor of the Centre of Chinese Medicine
Niu Jianfeng, senior professor of Chinese pharmacology
Liu Xiaoling Si Chinhae Volkov Evgeny Egorovich Labkovskaya Elena Grigorievna Narycheva Irina Alexandrovna Lelyavina Marina Vasilievna Goncharuk Kuzma Vasilievich Iu Hoigan Goncharuk Elsa Anvarovna Song Shende Translation from Chinese: Schichko Vladimir Feodorovich
Consultants: Sin Laityan, professor
Shan Syanchzhai, professor
Reference book on the drugs of Chinese medicine - M.: C 74 Muravei, 2003. - 592 p.
Reference book includes the basic principles of Chinese pharmacology in modern description as well as information about 385 modern ready forms of Chinese traditional drugs and their components (656 herbs, minerals, animals, insects, etc.).
Reference book is meant for doctors and patients as well as for all who are interested in the Chinese medicine and in general Chinese culture.

Our articles

Magazine of Berlin ICMART Anniversary congress materials, 2001

Article "Anatomic topographic location of points in ECIWO therapy" in the magazine "Reflexology", 2006

Recommended literature:

  • Patten, B.M. "Human embryology".
  • Carlson, B. M. "Patten's Foundations of Embryology".
  • Carlson, B. M. "Regeneration".
  • Gilbert, S.F. "Developmental Biology".
  • Porkert Manfred "Theoretical foundations of Chinese medicine: systems of correspondence".