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Welcome to the first web site about ECIWO in the Russian Internet

ECIWO - "Embrion Containing Information Whole Organism".

  ECIWO theory was established by professor Zhang Yingqing who was a director of the ECIWO Biology and Medicine Institute of the Shandong University of PRC. After the many years of monitoring and thorough research he postulated ECIWO theory and established ECIWO biology and medicine in the 80's of the past age. ECIWO theory detected another universal structural and functional unit in a body - ECIWO. ECIWO theory correlates very well with the last achievements of genetics and development biology what proves its value and importance.

  We, Kuzma Goncharuk and Elsa Goncharuk were first in Russia who studied the ECIWO course of professor Zhang Yingqing in the ECIWO-biology Institute of the Shandong University in 1998. Since then we have been applying ECIWO in our medical practice for more than 10 years and achieved great results in the treatment of such difficult pathologies as herniation of intervertebral disc, ulcers, hypertonic blood-strokes. We wish you to understand and accept ECIWO theory. If you practice Chinese medicine and you feel tired to deal with such concepts as "Yang" and "Yin", "wind", "dryness", "disgust to warmth", trying to catch intangible "Bi", study ECIWO theory, study the materials from recommended literature and then much of this mysterious Chinese medicine will be clearer for you.