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Clinical application of ECIWO

   In 1973 professor Zhang found out a new system of acupuncture points on the second metacarpal bone of man. In the upper part from the side of a hand there is a head point, in the lower part there is a leg point, in the middle part there is a stomach point. In the middle of the upper part there is a heart point and a lungs point and in the middle of the lower part there is a waist point.

   Considering these 5 initial zones as a chart of a human organism you can learn about other points corresponding to the other anatomic areas and organs of a human body. For it you need just to divide a bone into equal parts. Zones and points will be located in the same order that in a human body (see the upper middle figure). On these grounds professor Zhang during a more detailed research found out that in all relatively independent parts of a human body there is a group of human body points in miniature resembling a metacarpal bone. The ending points of any area correspond to the point Head and to the point Leg. This is ECIWO law opened by professor Zhang. Thus all existing types of acupuncture such as acupuncture of nose, acupuncture of ear, acupuncture of legs, acupunctures and types such as scalp therapy, etc. - all of them comply with one theory. According to this theory all relatively essential parts of a human body are certain embryos, i.e. ECIWO. They resemble a large cactus's stalk consisting of small parts and each part represents a small picture of the whole.

   This scheme is called "Zhang's ECIWO accupoints map":

Zhang's ECIWO accupoints map

   ECIWO law is characterized by obvious, specific for its corresponding parts features. That's why ECIWO therapy is easy for learning. Let us, for example, take a second metacarpal bone (you can take any long bone of a body as shown on the upper figure but a second metacarpal bone is most convenient for use). If you examine a second metacarpal bone from the side of a palm with your finger, you can feel a small groove on its surface. If you press this groove from the head point up to the leg point, you will be able to say which corresponding to these points organ of a human body is damaged judging by the feeling of the place of press which are accompanied by unpleasant acute pains and ache.

   When some part of body is damaged, why does a corresponding point react? E.g. kidneys are damaged. Antibodies in a human body active and body impulsively react to the reason of an illness. Since other kidneys ECIWO points and kidneys themselves have similar biological features, they are also involved into the process and attacked by antibodies and consequently efficiently react. Thus pain appears in the ECIWO points of kidneys in the course of an examination. Having discovered a painful point in the damaged area of a body, we can put needles in the corresponding ECIWO points to treat a disease. Why is it possible to treat a disease by the acupuncture of ECIWO points? The acupuncture of the ECIWO points of kidneys will cause micro damage and consequently activate a new reaction in a body there where the ECIWO point of kidneys is located. The biological properties of kidneys and kidneys ECIWO point are the same. When micro damage attacks the ECIWO point of kidneys, it simultaneously attacks the damaged area of kidneys. Thus protective reaction through immunity is strengthened and it leads to healing of a disease. Before the administration of a needle it is very important to find the right point. After the administration of a needle, be very attentive, make sure that this point is sensitive and leave a needle for 45 minutes. Chronic diseases require everyday treatment. One cycle of treatment lasts for seven days. Before starting a new cycle, it is necessary to have a 2-3 days break.

   The system of points is systematized in Zhang's atlas and it is easy to remember. That is why a patient can do self-massage. You find a point for massage the same way you find it for treatment. You need to pay attention to a painful point identification. After the identification, press and massage the area located along a metacarpal point with your fingertip making circling massage movements in the area selected for treatment no less than 300 times without a break. During massage you can select several similar ECIWO points to work with them one after another and avoid skin damage. Much practice showed that ECIWO therapy, especially ECIWO massage treatment is the most efficient method of health support. It is not limited by time, place and conditions.